Some people believe that kitchen remodeling or renovation is an easy task and can be accomplished within days. That is almost always false, and only applies to very slight or minute renovation or touch-ups. The process of modelling or renovating a kitchen takes substantial time, effort and planning and comprises of 3 main steps – planning, design and execution. This article will explain these steps in detail!


Homeowners often engage the services of kitchen designers when they are at the planning stage. The designer will be able to work with the homeowner on the planning and inform him or her of any requests that are impossible. Designers also assist the homeowner in creating and producing a rough sketch of the kitchen plan for the renovation or remodeling process. Lighting, kitchen equipment, cabinets, countertops, fridges and other items will be tentatively allocated to their own area. Walls and flooring materials will also be considered.

They also remind the homeowner of their budget and notify them if the plan that the homeowner requests for exceed the budget.


The designer takes over once the initial planning and requirement process has completed. The designer uses special designing software and maps a kitchen blueprint as well as a 3D rendering of how the finished kitchen will look like.

He or she then proceeds to source for the needed materials, tools, equipment and facility systems. The designer has to inform the homeowner as soon as possible if one of the items, flooring material or lighting system is unavailable.


Execution begins once the design stage has completed. The plan should be finalized and there should not be any more changes at this point in time. The designer works with contractors with the renovation or remodeling process and ensures that the installations go according to plan, guiding the contractor on any area that they are confused about. The homeowner will also be present during the installation.