Many office workers and individuals do not see the need for extra storage or self-storage facilities until it is too late. Ever cracked your brains on where to place ten huge used photocopiers for a short period of time due to an office renovation? This issue could have easily been solved, if you rented or purchased a self-storage unit some time before. Here are some reasons why one should purchase self-storage space!

Storage units are affordable

There are thousands of self-storage facilities all over the world and they compete to receive sales. These companies therefore charge very competitive and appealing prices for their potential clients. Self-storage units are thus getting increasingly affordable and present themselves as an appealing choice. Many companies create promotions such as discounted rates to an extra month of free storage. A client can enjoy cheap storage, the size of a bedroom for as low as thirty dollars a month!

They are accessible at any time

Self-storage units are mostly accessible at any time (24/7). This means that you can shift 10 large photocopiers from your office to the unit at 10pm at night, without any issues. This would have been a problem if you had to find a place for them elsewhere at 10pm! It is certainly helpful to have extra storage space, at your demand. There is no need to spend time to find a location to place your office items during its renovation. One can easily shift the items to the storage unit and shift them back when the office is renovated. The same unit can also be used to store furniture and items during a home renovation.

They are protected and well maintained

Most storage facilities are protected and well-maintained. The area is regularly cleaned and the units are password-protected. Most storage units are also temperature controlled and can be adjusted to fit the user’s requirements. Individuals can have a peace of mind knowing that their items are well cared for!