Choosing an appropriate builder is in fact one of the most crucial decisions that you will make during the whole process of your custom home building. Your experience of turning your dream house into reality could either be highly satisfying or a stressful nightmare, solely depending on the builder that you choose.

A good and reliable builder will take you through each and every step of the process ensuring that your house gets ready on time and more importantly within your budget. But the question that rises is how you will know whether the builder you are choosing is reliable or not? You can either get some recommendation from friends or family or go through a reputed firm like plans de maisons to find that right builder.

Here, we have a list of 4 exceptional traits of a good and reliable custom home builder that can help you pick that right builder who will help you thoroughly in the whole house building process.


It is better to ask for customer reference. They come handy when choosing a home builder. Find out for how long the builder has been in this work line and check for his work history. Also ask the builder about his current work. What reputation he has in the industry could give you a fair idea about his work.

Commitment to His Work

Make a note of how attentive he is, about his knowledge, experience and also the staff he has. And then ask yourself a few questions like ‘Can I trust him and his work?’, ‘Am I comfortable enough to work with him?’, ‘Are they good enough to handle the service requests during the construction and after it?’ If he is committed with his work, he can certainly assure you about his work and the services.


It is important for a good builder to have an experienced design team with plenty of plans. Also check them for their flexibility. See if they could alter their plans a little to customize your house. Are they willing to make just some minor changes or can they change whatever is needed for your convenience? A house is definitely a big investment option and getting that right house designed mostly depends on the options and flexibility offered by the builder.

Quality and Value

A good track record along with a strong reputation could mean that the builder is more secure financially and holds good buying powers with suppliers. This means he could get you reduced prices on necessities like light fixtures, appliance, flooring etc. So, make sure to ask them what kind of rates they are willing to offer to you on these necessities. Also, ask about the standard materials that they use during construction and don’t forget to inspect them for their work too.

If a builder meets these 4 traits, he/she is certainly the most perfect option for you as they will make the whole house construction process as smooth as possible for you.

Author Bio – Smaira D’cruz is a blogger who writes about house renovation tips and tricks, which are very helpful for her readers.