Try and find a woman who wouldn’t love her own walk in wardrobe or closet. If you’ve got the spare space in your home, it’s something which could prove to be THE perfect storage solution, removing the need for wardrobes to take up floor space in your bedroom, allowing for far more space for you to relax and enjoy yourself. We recently came across this great post from Barbara Genda, an exquisite designer of bespoke furniture in London, which looks at the principles behind getting your wardrobe or closet in shape and getting rid of any clothes and belongings which you don’t need, however surely the ultimate solution, where space allows, is a bespoke closet?

What Is A Walk In Wardrobe?

Whilst you’ve probably seen them on films and wished it was something you could have yourself, many aren’t familiar with a walk in wardrobe or closet. In short, walk in wardrobes (or closets) are those which have enough space for at least one person to walk in and is, above all else, essentially a small room of it’s own. You may well be wondering the benefits compared to your usual type of wardrobes, however if you’re lucky enough to own what many would call too many clothes and items of footwear, absolutely nothing beats being able to surround yourself in your garments, try them on and put together the ultimate outfit before a night out our a day in the office.

Organise Your Outfits To Suit Your Needs

Whereas you’ll usually find that you need to have all your outfits spread across one or maybe two (if you’re lucky) wardrobes, having a walk in wardrobe means you can organise your outfits however you see fit. What works for some people doesn’t work for others and the beauty of so much space for your clothing, footwear and accessories is the fact that you can do what works for you.

Creating A Bespoke Solution

Walk in wardrobes aren’t an off-the-shelf solution as is the case with most wardrobes and, as such, right from day one the layout and storage options in place are in your hands. Need one wall which is a floor to ceiling shoe rack? No problem! Similarly, if you find you need clothes rails for your clothes above floor level shoe storage, that, of course, is equally as doable. When it comes to designing your closet, it’s all about working out what your needs are and working a solution around those.

Whilst we’re certainly not saying that bespoke walk in wardrobes come cheap, it’s an addition to your home which will undoubtedly add to it’s value and which, more than anything, will enhance your lifestyle and add a little luxury to each and every day, right from the moment you get dresses. If you’ve got the space, either to build a walk in wardrobe or closet within a large bedroom or perhaps turning a spare room in your home into one, we say go for it! It’s something which we’re confident you won’t regret and once you’ve got, you’ll be wondering how you lived without it for so long!