Catching rainwater hasn’t always been legally permitted everywhere. In certain areas, local governments felt that the rainwater was somehow a resource they owned and wouldn’t allow citizens to catch rainwater. In most places, those restrictions have been lifted. You can now catch rainwater in tanks in residential as well as commercial settings. In residential settings, catching rainwater allows you to save money on water costs as well as help out the environment. The same is true for commercial settings. Rainwater catchment is also used as a line of defence against fires. Here are a few ways catching rainwater can save you money.


Residential Rainwater Uses

If you live in a rural area or even just a suburb with a little bit of space, you can catch large amounts of rainwater to help you run your household. Rainwater catchment involves simply keeping a tank open so that when it rains, you are able to collect the rain and keep it. When you need it, you can then use it for different purposes. Some people prefer their water tanks in Canberra to be completely detached. They use them to water their gardens and wash their cars but not much else. If that’s the goal, then you can probably get by with a pretty small tank. However, some people buy slightly more involved tanks that they can then hook up to the plumbing in their houses. If you want to save the most water, you should get a large tank that is connected to your plumbing. You can use rainwater to flush your toilet and for other needs. That is the way to save the most money and the most water.

A water tank isn’t free, though. It is going to cost you some money. That cost is offset because different. states or cities often offer incentives for residents to buy catchment tanks. If a large number of citizens catch rainwater and use it for their basic needs, the city doesn’t have to provide as much water from their facilities. That makes it a winning proposition for municipalities. Furthermore, you will save money on your water bill every month. Tanks have a way of paying for themselves rather quickly.

Commercial Rainwater Uses

Commercially, rainwater is typically used for fire suppression. If you have a business, especially a restaurant, fires are a constant danger that you need to factor in. You can reduce the danger and the damage of a fire by keeping a water tank full of rainwater. Should you ever need a large amount of water to suppress a fire, your rainwater tank could save you and your business thousands of dollars in damages.

Catching rainwater is a great way to reduce your home or business operating costs, and it’s also a great way to help out the environment. The water that comes out of the tap is treated at a municipal facility and piped to your house or business. That requires resources to treat the water. If you’re trying to reduce your environmental impact and the impact on your bank account, you should catch rainwater.