Contrary to what some experts suggest, you should not replace your windows to save money on energy. That is because it could take several decades to recoup your investment. While windows are designed today to lower your energy costs from about 8% to 15%, that only amounts to around $300 per year for single-pane windows.

The Benefits of Replacement

The reason why you want to make the installation is because new windows automatically make a home quieter and more attractive. You also do not have to repaint the windows time and again. In addition, new windows are easier to maintain and clean than old windows, or windows that feature storm windows and screens.

Just Because a Window Costs More Does Not Mean It is Better

Another thing you want to keep in mind about window replacement in Perth, or other Australian locales, is that price in not an indicator of a window’s performance. For instance, some of the pricier windows may not excel at keeping out the cold or rain. However, most basic casement windows will meet your needs with respect to drafts, high winds, rain, or low temperatures.

Also, upgrades on windows can easily add 50% or more to a window’s base cost. Therefore, when choosing a window, concentrate on features that are designed to add value. For instance, triple glazing probably is not necessary unless you reside in an exceptionally cold climate.

Noteworthy Features

Double-hung sashes on windows that tilt make cleaning an easier task, and full screens permit maximum air flow when the top of a window is lowered and a bottom window is raised. If you choose a finer meshed screen, you will find that the outside view is less obscured as well.


How a Window is Designed

The window itself is made of the following parts:

  • The frame is the part of the window that provides its form and structure.
  • Cladding safeguards the exterior of a composite or wood window, and is typically made of fibreglass, aluminium, or vinyl.
  • The sash is the moving part of a window. Again, it can be tilted so the window is easier to clean.
  • Insulated glass is a double-glazed glass that features a sealed space between two glass panes. The space is filled with an inert gas or air. Argon gas is a standard gas for many of these kinds of windows. However, again, you don’t want to buy this type of window simply to save on energy. It can also be used to dampen the outside noise and lessen drafts.
  • Grilles for windows are decorative accents that are featured in various patterns to match different architectural styles.

Some of the Add-ons

Once more, even if you select budget-friendly windows, an enhancement can easily add about 50% more to the price. Some of these upgrades may include jamb extensions, hardware finishes, such as stain nickel or bronze, prefinished interiors, impact-resistant glass (needed in windy areas), and triple-insulated glass (good for lessening noise). Grilles between a window’s glass also add a more traditional look, although they are not necessarily required.