As we move into the new millennium, technology begins to take us completely away from traditional methods and resources, with composite materials that have all the properties one would look for in either interior or exterior wall coverings. Building materials have always been natural substances, stone, cement, sand, and wood have all been the mainstay of construction for centuries, and while they might provide the right protection, it is heavy work. In former times, if you wanted a stone wall or floor, it would involve hundreds of man hours before the job was complete, but it would probably last a few hundred years.

Composite Materials

Today there are several choices, and one in particular seems to offer everything. Stonini™ is a revolutionary new composite material that comes in sheets, and can easily be cut to size on site. The material is non-toxic and eco-friendly, and the product is durable, light, and very strong.


A range of Applications

Stonini™ make a range of wall panels that are very attractive, and are ideal for the following,

  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Bar fronts
  • Hotel Lobbies
  • Retail space

This versatile material is also ideal for covering columns, in fact, it can be used anywhere, and with such a wide range of textures and colours, you can really go to town, design wise.

Perfect Properties

This material is Class 1 fire rated, as it is completely non-combustible, making it ideal for fire doors and fire exit corridors. It is also totally bug resistant, which is ideal for the Australian climate, and with amazing UV resistance, the sun will not affect the sheeting in the slightest. The structural integrity means no breaking or shattering, and it is flexible enough to achieve any shape.

Standard Specification

The panels are 1800mm x 600mm, and are 12mm in thickness, and with a single panel weighing in at a mere 14kg, the sheets are easy to handle. Cutting is simple, and the entire job can be completed relatively quickly.

Industrial Adhesive

Very strong adhesive is used to fix the panels, and they can be attached to any substrate, even studs. Trained fitters can transform an area in a matter of hours, cleaning up as they go, and the finished product will be an eye catching setting that is totally maintenance free.


Unlimited Choices

The range of colours covers every spectrum, and there are faux stone and even 3D textures to give you an unlimited choice of combinations. Faux timber really looks the part, and with concrete and stone finishes, you can really add that touch of class to any room. The colour is added in the manufacturing process, and is found throughout the panel, meaning that chips or scratches will not show.

Exterior Protection

The amazing properties of Stonini™ means it is ideal for the rugged Australian climate, and is popular in the retail and hospitality industries, due to its versatility and low maintenance. Almost any shape can be formed, allowing you to create the perfect ambience in any environment.