As you get closer to the warmer months, it’s always a good idea to look for ways to save money. During the hot times of the year, that means cutting down air conditioning costs as much as possible. If you’ve already tried a few tricks that you’ve seen online and nothing has really worked, that’s because no matter how thick your walls and windows are, sunlight can still shine through and warm up your home unless you run the air conditioner. You might have even tried drawing the shades on all your windows, but by that point the sunlight just makes the curtains hotter.


However, there is a way to prevent sunlight from ever reaching your windows. You could try an awning. In fact, there are several uses for an awning you probably haven’t thought of. If you’d like to try an awning, you’ll also need to know about the different types available and how they work, as well as where to get great prices on an awning that works for you and your home.

Benefits of Using an Awning

As you know, awnings are primarily meant for providing shade. The shade keeps the sunlight away from your windows and glass doors, ensuring the sun never even touches them. That will keep your blinds and curtains cooler, and thus their heat levels won’t affect the inside of the house’s temperature. But you can also use an awning for weather purposes as well. For instance, if you put up an awning above your garden or patio, you can sit outside while it rains or simply redirect the rain from pooling into puddles in your backyard.


Because the shade covering the inside of your house will be greater, you’ll won’t have to run your air conditioner as much. The shade protects against extra heat. And if you’d like to use your awning to protect your plants, the shade will help nurture them like a greenhouse.

Types You Can Buy

There are traditionally two types to consider when shopping for an awning. First, there is the permanent variety. This type of awning is meant to stay up permanently, meaning you can’t retract its frame and it does not roll up. This is useful if you always need extra shade. However, if you don’t always need shade, you’re better off looking into a rolling awning that can be stored by rolling it up that so it’s out of the way when you’re not using it, in the winter months for instance. These are the basic main categories of awnings in Perth, although there are variations on each kind and they’re all worth looking into.

If you would like to find a place that can sell you the type of awning you are looking for, you should start by browsing styles and options online. Some companies can build you a custom one that fits the length of your house so that you get the perfect amount of shade. Be sure to look at all of your options and think about how much you’ll need it before making a purchase, as you might not want a permanent one but would prefer a rolling one.