Buying a new mattress is a major decision, one which impacts on your health and happiness in many ways. With so many mattress styles, manufacturers and retailers all vying for your attention, sourcing and buying a new single, double, queen or king size mattress also offers a great number of possibilities, which is great, but it also makes selecting the right mattress hard work at the best of times. Here are a few handy tips to help you select the perfect mattress.


The right support – Not everyone has the same spinal support needs and those with health conditions are advised to speak to their doctor, chiropractor or physiotherapist before they start looking for a premium quality mattress, like the French Bedroom Company’s Vispring mattresses which are handmade and extremely supportive and comfortable. Moreover, as they’re available in three spring support types – soft, medium or firm – they provide you with the perfect amount of support and a truly restful night’s sleep night after night.

The four main types of mattresses are innerspring, foam, latex, and air-filled, all of which offer different support to one another, so it’s best to start by selecting one of these types based on the kind of support you prefer. For example, for that bouncy, springy type of support, select an innerspring mattress, for a much firmer mattress core choose foam, if you prefer something in between go for latex, and to customise your support, go for an adjustable air-filled mattress.

In addition to spinal support you also need to consider how you sleep (on your side, stomach, back, etc.) and which mattress core variety provides you with the most comfortable sleep. The aforementioned handmade mattresses with their three spring support types are a great choice for everyone, as you can select soft springs for a slightly bouncy, spring feel, firm springs for maximum support and medium springs for something in between.

A long lifespan and great warranty

A new mattress is a serious investment so you need to ensure that it offers you longevity and assurance that should a fault with the mattress occur, the manufacturer or retailer will manage the issue in for you with minimal fuss or bother, as you’d expect with a quality product from a quality manufacturer.


As a result, look for a mattress that offers a good warranty and has received positive consumer views, and look out for fine print that invalidates warranties and could prove a real game changer. Examples of the fine print that invalidates warranties are things like not using a mattress protector or a matching foundation beneath the mattress.

A good mattress should last you around ten years, so make sure the mattress manufacturer provides a warranty that will see you through most of, if not all, the mattress’s life.

Selecting a new mattress for yourself or your children is a major decision, one which should never be taken lightly, after all, there’s so much at stake here, namely your health and happiness. However, when you understand the qualities to look for in a new mattress, sourcing and buying the perfect mattress for your needs is a breeze.