When it comes to the security of our families and our belongings, nothing is too good for us. We all take security very seriously, and we use different methods to secure our homes. From elaborate security systems to outside motion detectors, many products are available that help prevent criminals from entering our homes. Nowadays there are even special films that fit over your home’s windows, which not only make your rooms cooler but provide some extra protection for the windows themselves, which in turn makes them much more difficult for would-be thieves to break them and enter your property. Although no security measures are 100% guaranteed to keep all criminals from breaking into your home, security films over your windows do a lot to keep them at bay and therefore are an excellent, reliable, and inexpensive method to keep your property much more secure. phpuwvsvwpm

Films Are Well-Made and Attractive

The thin layered film that is fitted over your windows is slightly tinted, yet you are still able to see outside despite what the weather may be. The film is usually 9 mm in thickness and is perfectly smooth after it is attached. The companies that install these films thoroughly clean your glass windows before applying the film and even attach the film to the glass frame using mechanical or silicone anchoring. This means that the glass film will fit tightly and will last through a number of situations including break-ins, storm damage, and even intentional glass breakage. If a criminal tries to enter your home, the film makes it nearly impossible for the glass to break, which means your home is automatically safer and more secure when you have one of these films applied to your windows.

Who Uses Glass Films?

One of the biggest advantages of these security films is the fact that they are not just for homeowners anymore. Many commercial entities use these films including retail outlets, office buildings, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, hotels, and even mobile food trucks. The film makes the facility’s windows tougher, shatterproof, and energy- and explosion-absorbing, and gives them an attractive and functional tint. Even if someone does try to break the glass, the film prevents it from shattering and from moving too much, which means it is all but impossible for the person breaking it to then enter your home or office.


Protective window films are used not only to protect a facility from criminals but also from too much sun and glare and to provide a little extra privacy. They come in frosted and decorative patterns, which makes them attractive, and they are reasonably priced as well. Most companies that sell the product offer a free no-obligation quote, and will even help you decide which product would work best for you and your family. They are also guaranteed never to bubble, become discoloured, or peel off from the window. They are installed from the inside, which keeps them durable for a very long time, and are made in just the right thickness. These days, film coverings are reliable and inexpensive, and do the job they are meant to do very well, which makes them definitely worth what you pay for them.