A home security system can help give you peace of mind when you’re away from your family or home. It can provide protection for them by raising the alarm if the house is broken into, if there is a fire, or if carbon monoxide is detected in the house. However, choosing a system can be difficult, but the following information can help you select the best system for your home.

Wired or Wireless

When choosing a home security system, you will have the choice between a wired system or a wireless one. In larger homes, you can use a combination of the two to help secure your entire property.

Wired Security Systems

A hardwired security system has many advantages. It provides a more reliable connection because the wires are connected to the control panel of your home instead of relying on a Wi-Fi connection. Although wires can be cut to keep the system from working, most modern day wired systems have a Wi-Fi back up so your home is always protected.

A wired system requires less maintenance because you won’t need to change batteries as often as you would a wireless system, except for the wireless back-up system if you have one. Also, you don’t need to update the hardware as often as you might with a wireless system. In addition, since it doesn’t rely on Wi-Fi, it won’t pick up interference or any exterior signals.

Wireless Security Systems

Wireless security systems do have some advantages over wired systems. First, they don’t require extensive installation, so no holes have to be drilled into your walls. If you do sell your home, you can take the security system with you, instead of leaving it behind.

One of the best features of a wireless system is the “on the go” monitoring capabilities from your mobile. Most wireless systems allow you to monitor and change the settings, such as turning your system on or off, with your smartphone. Some systems even allow you to see who rings your doorbell when the system is on so you don’t answer the door to a potential threat.

Optional Detectors

Along with having your doors and windows secured to help prevent crime, you can also choose to have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors added to your system. This will provide protection for your family 24 hours a day and alert you to any smoke detected in your home or high levels of carbon monoxide so that you can get everyone out of the house safely.

Monitored Systems

With most security systems in Perth, you also have the option of having your home monitored by the security company. If an alarm is tripped, the company will alert the proper authorities so they can go to your home to find out what has happened. They can also monitor the smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector so that if they are triggered, the fire department is called out.

Most insurance companies provide discounts if you have a security system, and the savings can help pay for the system.